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21 Jan The Famous Foam that Keeps Springing Back: The History of Memory Foam Technology
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Aircraft seats. Football helmets. Hospital beds. Prostheses. Shoes. Pillows. Mattresses. What do all of these have in common? They’re just a few examples in a wide ranging list of health and safety items, and other products that have been revolutionised by the invention of what we know today as Memo..
16 Jul Why Memory Foam?
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We understand the many headaches that can come with trying to find a new mattress that’s just right for your needs. There’s a thousand and one different options out there, and there’s always something ‘new and shiny’ on the market with a dose of fresh jargon to make things just a little more conf..
17 Feb The Importance of Sleep | Visco Pedic
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The Importance of Sleep While many people search for the latest ‘secret’ to being healthier, fitter, smarter, and generally ‘better’ at work, relationships and life in general, there already exists a very simple and cost-free solution to all these needs: getting enough sleep. Science has shown that ..
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