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Frequently Asked Questions

How can memory foam improve my health?

Memory foam is undoubtedly one of the healthiest sleeping surfaces on the market. Its pressure 
relieving capability helps to improve general sleep quality, improves blood circulation, alleviates 
back pain and is also hyper allergenic and dust mite resistant.


Does memory foam make you feel warmer or sweat more?

Memory foam retains body heat better than other mattresses, however Visco Pedic's memory 
foam uses open celled polymers that are breathable allowing air to move freely through the 
mattress helping to reduce the heating effect.


What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and an overlay?

An overlay is a cost-effective alternative to an entire mattress replacement. The main difference 
between the overlay and the mattress is that with the mattress you will get proper support and 
pressure relief, whereas in an overlay the support factor will greatly depend on the support from 
your existing mattress. If you have a good quality mattress that is relatively firm and provides good 
support, an overlay can be just as effective as a complete memory foam mattress.  


Is an overlay recommended to be used on any mattress?

If your mattress is worn out and has lumps or hollows - it will cause the memory foam overlay to 
eventually also conform to these lumps and hollows - so for best results the overlay should be used 
on mattress that is in relatively good condition.


I have a good conventional mattress (spring or other) - can a memory foam overlay improve on the 
comfort level of a mattress?

A memory foam overlay will make a difference to pretty much any mattress. An overlay can help 
providing additional comfort and pressure relief as it responds to your body heat and conforms to 
the shape of your body.


Can I use an electric blanket on my Visco Pedic mattress or overlay?

Memory foam is temperature sensitive and softens as it responses to body heat. You may find that 
your electric blanket may soften the foam to such an extent where it may not provide the support 
it should. Therefore we recommend the use of electric blankets only for short periods prior to you 
getting into bed and not to be used whilst in bed.


Does memory foam get hard in winter?

This is true only of poor memory foam formulations. Visco Pedic is made of the latest formulations
of memory foam which does not respond so intensely to changes in climate. In colder temperatures 
it may be firmer than in normal conditions but this quickly changes once you are in bed and the foam 
softens in response to body heat.


Do I need to turn my mattress or topper?

No, you will never need to turn the mattress. You may from time to time need to rotate the mattress 
or topper.