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What Our Customers Have To Say

“Since my family and I began sleeping on the Visco Pedic Memory Foam mattresses 

we have all been experiencing a much more restful night’s sleep! Visco Pedic mattresses 
combines good support and gentle plushness all in one. It has definitely had a profound 
effect on our sleeping habits and we have found ourselves waking up much more refreshed 
and without any 'morning aches and pains!' It is the best bed I have ever slept on!”  
- Dr L. Riggien - Chiropractor, (M.Tech: Chiropractic)


Did you know

“My wife is an incredibly light sleeper, and due to pressure and stress of the business world, 

I on the other hand am an incredibly restless sleeper that toss and turns throughout the night. 
This is a catastrophic combination for a newlywed couple, with my wife waking up tired and 
moody most mornings. After two years of marriage we concluded that the only solution to this 
problem would be to purchase and sleep on two single beds. I saw an advert for a Visco Pedic 
memory foam mattress and out of utter desperation I decided to order one. Sceptic at first, 
I am now however grateful to say that this mattress has been a complete life saver. It is 
incredibly comfortable and we both wake up refreshed and rested in the mornings
 (with my 
wife completely unaware of all my nightly movements).”
- Dion Van Vuuren – Springs


"I have had three major back operations over the past twenty years and have since then tried
to find a sleeping surface that could help relieve the pain I woke up with every morning.
Visco Pedic changed all that. Since using the Visco Pedic Memory Foam Overlay and pillow I
no longer wake up with the pain and aches I used to. What a fantastic product, my only regret
is that I have not discovered this product decades ago!”

- Elizabeth Tolmay - Kempton Park


 “I purchased a good quality mattress a while ago but kept on waking up in the mornings with 

back ache and stiff back muscles. I thought it was because of my gym work-outs. I decided to 
try out the Visco Pedic mattress overlay as I had already invested a lot of money in my existing 
mattress. The results was extraordinary. Within only a few days my body adapted to the soft 
feeling of the overlay and it has been wonderful from there on. What a fantastic product. 
No more pain.”

- Quinton Colyn, Alberton


 “At first it was a huge adjustment. I seemed to turn less in my sleep, I also didn't get woken 

up by my husband when he turned around or got out of bed. The pillows are amazing, I think 
that if we go on holiday they will be the first items to be packed into the car! The Visco Pedic 
mattress is the best investment we have made
 thus far and we have introduced the product 
to our family and friends.”
- Karen Liebenberg – Potchefstroom


 “The Visco Pedic Memory Foam Mattress means no more tossing and turning to get comfortable. 

The mattress conforms to your sleep position, and as a result, sleep is effortless! This is a fantastic 
product which I highly recommend.”

- Karen Van Graan - Johannesburg