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Why Visco Pedic

With various brands on the market it is often difficult to make an informed buying decision. 

Here are some reasons we want you to consider when purchasing your memory foam 
(Visco-Elastic) mattress or overlay

Advantages of our New Generation Memory Foam

The most important thing to take note off is that not all memory foams are the same. There 
are hundreds of different formulations, densities, weights and qualities. Visco Pedic memory 
foam is a new generation memory foam which improves on many other memory foam mattress 
brands in the following ways:
1.    No “crater” effect

Some memory foam mattresses conform to your body in such a way that your body feels glued 
into a crater making it difficult to get out or turn in bed.
2.    No extreme temperature sensitivity

Some memory foams, especially European and American brands are manufactured primarily for 
the European and North American markets. In both these areas indoor heating, due to extreme 
winters, are the norm. So this material which is sensitive to temperature gets extremely hard in 
South African winter conditions in our brick built houses without heating systems. They therefore 
require a warm-up and break in period which can be pretty uncomfortable. This is also a problem 
each time you turn to the colder (harder) section of the mattress.
3.    Quicker recovery

Visco-Elastic foam is slow recovery foam, but in the case of many brands the recovery is so slow 
that it hinders movement. Visco Pedic responds quicker to body movement causing body 
movements during sleep to be unhindered.
4.    Sleeps Cooler

One of the biggest complaints users have with competitor products is the fact that the mattress 
sleeps incredibly hot. By nature memory foam retains heat better than other mattresses and 
therefore dissipates heat much slower than other foams. Visco Pedic's new generation memory 
foam formulation uses open celled polymers that are breathable allowing air to move more freely 
through the mattress and thereby helping to reduce this heating effect.
5.    Memory foam density

Visco Pedic memory foam formulations of up to 85kgm3 whereas some competitor products, 
especially cheaper imported products use foam densities as low as 30kgm3. Using lower density 
foams will cause premature foam breakdown which will result in mattresses wearing down quickly.