About Memory Foam

The sleep industry has over the past decade been revolutionised by the remarkable properties 
of Visco-Elastic foam (more popularly known as Memory Foam).


Memory Foam has a long history dating back all the way to the 1960's when it was first developed 
by NASA for use in their space programs. This technology was eventually released into public domain 
decades later and its amazing use for sleep and other supportive products was soon discovered.


Memory Foam is temperature sensitive foam and therefore responds to body temperature by moulding 
itself to the shape of the body. Whereas other foam types and sleeping surfaces resist pressure and 
thereby create pressure points on the body, memory foam absorbs pressure and gives the relief from 
pressure points, whilst maintaining blood circulation at all times.


For this reason Memory Foam is now the fastest growing segment in the mattress and bedding industry 
and are recommended by thousands of healthcare practitioners worldwide. ViscoPedic products are all 
manufactured from the latest generation Visco-Elastic foams to provide the ultimate sleeping experience.


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